Wasim Ahmad, CEO and Founder, 
Re:imagine Strategy

Silicon Valley Londoner based in New York with dual citizenship. Have been working in the digital marketing/advertising/ecommerce space helping companies (ASOS, Burberry, EA, Pandora, Reuters, Sony Music, Weather Company, 24/7, Xaxis, Group M, WPP), with innovative ways to engage consumers using state-of-the art data science.

Top Marketing Executive with standout success in positioning companies for global growth and profitability. Proven success in marketing disruptive innovations. Recently built a thriving enterprise software business around new security innovations that dramatically improve the protection of consumer and payment card information by the largest companies in the world.

Ability to deliver highly creative, effectively simple marketing and branding that generates high value opportunities for sales and puts the company on the map. Looking to join a highly innovative early-stage team with disruptive market potential and a start-up attitude for achieving the impossible.

English, born in Wimbledon. Studied Physics & French at Sussex - with a year out in Paris, then worked in London and moved to the US in 1992. Was an astronaut candidate for the Anglo-Soviet Juno Project but was too young to be allowed into Space. Now looking forward to going into Space as a tourist.

Wasim Ahmad